Project title: TACTIle feedback enriched virtual interaction through virtual realITY and beyond
Reference: 856718

Grant year: 2019
Duration: 7/1/2019 – 6/30/2022 (3 years)
Funding Program: Interactive Technologies, Digital for Culture and Education

Funding Entity: European Union
Coordinator: Dr. Thierry Keller (TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION)
PI at the UVEG: Rosa Mª Baños Rivera
UVEG Research Team:
– Ausiàs Cebolla

– Lorena Desdentado

– Marta Miragall

– Rocío Herrero

-Adriana Mira

– Dolores Vara


Partners of the Consortium:

  • TECNALIA ESPAÑA (Thierry Keller)
  • AALBORG UNIVERSITET (Strahinja Dosen)
  • INRIA (Ferran Argelaguet)
  • TECNALIA SERBIA (Matija Štrbac)
  • MANUS MACHINAE BV (Stijn Stumpel)
  • SMARTEX S.R.L. (Rita Paradiso)
  • IMMERSION (Julien Castet)

Project website: https://tactility-h2020.eu/

Brief description of the Project:

The TACTILITY project main goal is to integrate the sense of touch into virtual reality systems. To this end, a haptic glove will be developed to emulate the sensations of touch that occur synchronously with Virtual Reality.

Our aim in this project will be to investigate the impact of incorporating touch into the experience of Virtual Reality, in terms of both the sensation of being in that Virtual Reality environment, the sense of reality, and the potential effects that this technology may have in a range of fields such as the clinical practice and the educational sector, among others.

Our participation consists of:  Development and execution of a study to evaluate the effectiveness of the use of a virtual reality system enhanced by the incorporation of the sense of touch in the clinical environment for the treatment of small-animal phobia. On the other hand, we will collaborate in the elaboration and validation of environments with features and we will collaborate in the detection of psychological variables that enhance the impact of this technology.