Project Overview

Nameof de project: European Comparative Effectiveness Research on Internet-based Depression Treatment

Reference: 603098

Year of concession: 2014

Duration:  2014-2017 (3 years)

Financing Program: 7mo Programa Marco

Funding Entityr: Unión Europea

Coordinator: Heleen Ripper



 IP UVEG: Rosa Baños

UVEG research team:

– Ernestina Etchemendy

– Rocío Herrero

– M. Dolores Vara

– Adriana Mira

Project website:  www.e-compared.eu

Brief description of the Project::

E-COMPARED aims to provide mental healthcare stakeholders with evidence-based information and recommendations about the clinical and cost-effectiveness of blended depression treatment. Comparative Effectiveness Research is conducted in nine European countries to determine what treatment works best, for whom, and under what circumstances. Current practice of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in routine and specialised mental healthcare is compared with ‘blended’ treatment for depression that combines both internet, mobile technologies, and face-to-face interventions.
To achieve this, the E-COMPARED consortium pursues the following objectives:

  1. Compare: To compare and evaluate current mental health policies and guidelines in Europe for both treatment-as-usual (TAU) and internet-based treatment for depression.
  2. Synthesise: To synthesize current knowledge about the clinical and cost-effectiveness of internet-based depression treatment, as compared in controlled settings to treatment as usual.
  3. Evaluate: To evaluate the clinical and cost-effectiveness of internet-based depression treatment as compared to TAU in routine primary healthcare and specialised mental health service centres
  4. Personalise: To predict which patient groups could benefit from internet-based treatment versus treatment as usual by intelligent modelling of individual patient characteristics.
  5. Predict: To provide a macro-economic model that allows for calculating different scenarios, costs and levels of internet-based depression treatment implementation throughout Europe.
  6. Recommend: To provide evidence-based recommendations and informing how internet-based depression treatment can be integrated into routine primary healthcare and outpatient specialised practices for depression treatment in the European Union.
    Eight controlled trials for the treatment of depression were conducted in different countries. Four primary care studies were conducted in the UK, Poland, Spain and Germany. In Switzerland, Sweden, France and the Netherlands, the trials were conducted in specialist care services.

Our participation consists of: Development and execution of the project.



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Publicaciones asociadas:

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