Project data

Project Name: Psychological support system through ICTs for patients with breast cancer

  • Reference: RBR-HOR-2018-01 (Specific 20180572)
  • Concession year: 2018
  • Duration: 09/19/2018 to 07/18/2019 (1 year)
  • Financing Program:VLC-BIOMED 2017 Program (Subprogram A, Ajudes per a la realització d’activitats preparatòries de projectes coordinats entre investigadors de la Universitat de València i de L’Hospital LA FE / IIS LA FE)
  • Funding Entity: Universitat de València, Hospital LA FE / IIS LA FE
  • Coordinator: Rosa Mª Baños Rivera
  • Partners of the Consortium
  • –  María José Galdón (University of Valencia)
  • – Juan Francisco Lisón (CEU Cardenal Herrera University)
  • – Carmen Salvador (La Fe University and Polytechnic Hospital)
  • – Macarena Espinoza (University of Valencia).
  • IP: Rosa Mª Baños Rivera, y Ana Santaballa Bertrán

Brief description of the Project: Mortality from breast cancer has decreased in recent years, while the number of survivors is increasing. In addition to physical sequelae, the
treatments can also have psychic sequelae, which persist even years after finishing them.
Therefore, it is needed to offer healthcare resources and psychological support to cover the demand that these people require. Since traditional (face-to-face) care cannot always reach all those who need it, nor is it cost-effective, it is proposed to use technologies (ICTs), specifically the Internet and mobile phones, as an alternative to facilitate patient access to evidence-based psychological support resources. This project proposes the development and evaluation of the usability of a web platform aimed at offering useful and evidence-based resources to promote well-being and quality of life in order to offer quality care and continued support to patients with breast cancer. in patients with breast cancer who are undergoing hormone therapy. The objective is to design a resource available to all patients who need it and that enables access to effective and evidence-based psychological tools, without the need to go to the hospital or health center. This study will consist of two phases. The first one is aimed at evaluating the specific needs of this group, as well as detecting side effects derived from treatment (tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors). The second phase will address the development and testing of the psychological support platform through a case study.

Our participation consists of: Coordination, development, and execution of the project.